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A Metal Stillness Community

A Metal Stillness Challenge
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A Metal-Goth-Industrial Stillness Challenge

Welcome to metal_stillness! This community was created to have icon challenges dedicated to metal bands. This includes anyone under the metal spectrum, black metal, symphonic metal, love metal, etc. This community ALSO supports those that are industrial, gothic, etc. Usually whoever wins a challenge will pick the band for a challenge in the next round. After 5 challenges there will be voting for the Metal God Award.
Moderator: a_low_fix
Banner Maker: a_low_fix
Layouts: refuted
Headers/Icon: a_low_fix


* Do not use other images besides the ones that are given unless you are told you can.
* All icons must be new for each challenge.
* Must fit LJ dimesions (100x100 pixels), less than 40kb in size and in .png .gif or .jpg format.
* Do not post icons in other journals until winners are announced.
* Must be a member to enter.
* No animation allowed this is a stillness community.
* Challenges will only be extended if there are NO entries or votes.
* If you want one of the icons you must ask the maker. If you don't know who the maker is then ask the mod.

Please enter like this:
(W) chllg30 kalmanto

Previous Challenges

North American Bands:
Alice Cooper // Metallica // KISS // Type O Negative // Mötley Crüe // System of a Down // Nine Inch Nails // Korn // Skid Row // Marilyn Manson // Rob Zombie // Slipknot // Mastodon //

European Bands:
Black Sabbath // Ozzy Osbourne // Cradle of Filth // Nightwish // Lacuna Coil // Paradise Lost // the Cure // Depeche Mode // Lordi // Sonata Arctica // Sentenced // Poisonblack // Behemoth // Within Temptation // Ram-Zet // Norther // Finntroll // Eluveitie // DragonForce // KMFDM // Apocalyptica //

Metal God Awards:
#1 // #2 // #3 // #4 // #5 // #6 //

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